Who are we

Welcome to Wiredsafe,

At Wiredsafe we pride ourselves in safety and competency in all the work we do. Being based at the fringe of the city of Birmingham we operate our services throughout the UK.

All our Electricians, Designers, Specialists and Technicians are qualified to the correct competency levels.

Although we offer service provisions for the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial sectors, we have focused our website to the Domestic market. We did this as we feel that a lot more can be done in order to make our homes safe from the risk of electrical faults and fires that take place every year in the UK.

You will see from our consumer page that we have presented a variety of safety material and links to official organisations which painstakingly work to improve the standards of electrical safety in the home. We have provided a range of mediums for the consumer to benefit themselves from. This includes helpful leaflets, videos, Health and Safety statistics and more. All third party material has been displayed with its respective sources.

We hope you find the information on our website useful and our services professional.